Bali, Indonesia

Bali ‘Island of the Gods’, located between Java and Lombok is one of the smallest islands in the Indonesian archipelago. Its magnificent rice terraces, equatorial rain forests, volcanic terrain, and long beaches with black sand forming outstanding landscapes are impressive. However, Bali is more about the friendliness, kindness and gentleness of its population, extremely attached to its traditions and Hindu religion. Life for the Balinese is chequered with religious ceremonies, prayers and offerings to their gods, undoubtedly enabling them to calmly resist the development of tourism on their island.

Also renowned for arts and crafts, awareness of aesthetics is highly developed, particularly prevalent in the interior design and luxury gardens of its many spacious villas.

The south of the island is now highly developed, but the northern part beyond Denpasar and Canggu is still beautiful to discover. Ubud teeming with traditional crafts is an excellent starting point for discovering the island.

Lovers of nature, crafts and culture will enjoy scouring the paddy fields and lakes, visiting the many temples and climbing the volcanic slopes with stunning views. Lovers of diving will be able to discover shipwrecks in Amed and Tulumben, or admire the dolphins at Lovina beach, or even spot manta rays and mola-mola in the deep sea surrounding the small and still very authentic neighbouring island: Nusa Penida. Surfers will be in heaven in Uluwatu (a hot spot for international competitions), those with a passion for shopping, restaurants and trendy bars will revel in the buzz in Seminyak and Canggu.

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